A note from Marilou:

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Welcome to Porch Swing Designs.  I'm so happy that you found my website!

I love creating handmade journals (and other things) and I put lots of love and care into whatever I make.  My "crafty makes" tend to lean toward a vintage theme, so they are nostalgic of times gone by but you never know what might pop up in my shop!  ;) 

I'm an avid and longtime crafter and I've done just about every type of crafting imaginable.  Currently, I am concentrating on making "Junk Journals" and Digital Journal Kits but as I have time I will be adding more items for sale here on my website.  I have an Etsy shop as well and as of 2018, it is connected to this website and very easy to use!

I started designing digital journal kits in early 2018 and I can tell you that it is addicting!  ;)  I will add more kits as time allows, so please check back.

My hubby and I and our furbaby, Riley (a black toy poodle), live on the beautiful southern Oregon coast.  My four adult children now have families of their own and have blessed me with nine grandchildren. <3 

Thank you for taking the time to read a bit about me. Have a great day!

╰⊰⊹✿ Marilou ✿⊹⊱╮



Customer Reviews:

Mary wrote to me on January 16, 2020:
Purchased "MIkado" Vintage-style Journal

I LOVE THIS JOURNAL! It shall be treasured ALWAYS! I’ve been through it twice since I received it. You do awesome and beautiful work Marilou!!!

Climmie wrote to me on November 14, 2019:
Purchased both "Jane Austen 1 & 2" Journals

Oh, Marilou! I absolutely love these journals!! They are gorgeous! And the quality and attention to detail are second to none!  And again I must say that the pages feel fantabulous!

I am extremely satisfied with both of my journals! They are even more stunning in person!

Everything was wrapped so beautifully Marilou! I was really impressed with everything.

Elaine wrote to me on November 7, 2019:

Purchased "Sweet Violets" Vintage-style Journal
"I just opened my new journal, and I am speechless. It is the most beautiful journal I have ever seen! The other journals I've purchased from you have been outstanding, but this one surpasses them all. The attention to detail, the high quality of the elements, and the unbelievably beautiful sewn cover are beyond words. And the freebies are adorable. I'm going to have to start journaling more, so I can fill these 4 books and buy more from you! "

Diane wrote to me on February 1, 2019:
Purchased "Adore Him" Vintage Faith Journal
I wanted "to write and tell you how much I ADORE this journal, so precious!  I plan to add more vintage Christmas ephemera.  It was so much fun going page by page looking at all the beautiful little cards, tags,  and inscriptions you included in this journal,  even had my husband next to me admiring everything. It will be a cherished addition to our Christmas each year for many years to come!"

Elaine on January 2, 2019

Purchased Rosewood Cottage Vintage Journal

"Oh my! I purchased Medieval Moments from Marilou, and it was so beautiful that I had to purchase another. I received Rosewood Cottage, and it is exquisite! The attention to detail is superb, the materials top-of-the-line, and the book is stuffed with ephemera! I can't overstate the superb quality of these books. I'm already saving up for my next one!"

Debra on December 24, 2018

Purchased Lady Rose Vintage Journal:
Marilou, I purchased the Lady Rose journal a few weeks ago as a Christmas present for myself.  It is the first junk journal I have ever purchased. I want you to know that it just blew me away. It is beyond beautiful and I will cherish it always! Thank you and have a very joyful Christmas!

Elaine on December 14, 2018

Purchased Medieval Moments Vintage Junk Journal:

"I was lucky enough to purchase this journal, and it is even more fabulous than the video reflects. it is simply stunning, and I just keep looking at it over and over. This is a book I will treasure. Thank you for sharing your talent, Marilou!"

Carrie on August 25, 2018

Purchased In the Garden Vintage Prayer Journal:
"Received the journal today. I don't even know what to say. I am so happy that I'm the owner." 

Shelley on August 15, 2018

Purchased Collaged Rose Vintage Junk Journal:  I got my journal today. 😊The pictures didn't do this journal justice. It has got to be one of the most beautiful journals I have ever seen. The colors are so rich and look like velvet. Thank you so much for creating such a beautiful work of art. I"m going to treasure this one always.

Shelley on August 3, 2018

Purchased Fairy Garden Vintage Junk Journal:  I got the journal today. It is so gorgeous!!!! You did such a wonderful job on this. Your video did not do it justice. I just love all the sparkles and the stitching is amazing. Thank you so much, Marilou.  I'm so lucky to have gotten this one. 

on Jun 12, 2018, 5 out of 5 Stars
Purchased Rock of Ages Prayer Journal Kit:   Beautiful Prayer Journal Kit. Highly recommended filled with scripture. Beautiful pages n ephemera.


Dee on Jun 11, 2018, 5 out of 5 Stars
Purchased "Cottage Rose: Junk Journal:  Beautiful, beautiful journal!! ...... Very well made and made with beautiful papers and ephemera!! ..... Love it!!...Thank you.

Elaine on Jun 1, 2018, 5 out of 5 Stars
Purchased Rock of Ages Prayer Journal Add-On kit:  This journal kit is gorgeous, as is everything Marilou makes!!

Lorri on May 13, 2018, 5 out of 5 Stars

Purchased Rock of Ages Prayer Journal Kit:  This is a beautiful kit - prints beautifully also - I have enjoyed playing with it : )


Chris on  May 9, 2018, 5 out of 5 Stars
Purchased Victorian Rose Journal Set:  thank you ! Just love this kit ! 

Ana on May 1, 2018, 5 out of 5 Stars
Purchased Victorian Rose Journal Kit:   Adorable little tags  !perfect for that little extra touch !

 on Apr 26, 2018, 5 out of 5 Stars

Purchased "Madame's Boudoir" Vintage Junk Journal:  Thank you, love love it beautiful ... Amazing crafting. Fast shipping and of course love the extra goodies.

Deborah on Apr 5, 2018, 5 out of 5 Stars
Purchased "Lilacs in Bloom" Vintage Junk Journal:  This journal is absolutely Beautiful! Thank you so very much :)





Robin on April 4, 2018, 5 out of 5 Stars
Purchased "Jane Austen" Vintage Journal:  

I can’t even express how utterly thrilled I am with this Jane Austen journal! Every page is absolutely perfect!!! And Marilou could not possibly be more delightful!!! Not sure I can bring myself to write in this... it may simply serve as gorgeous inspiration for my own journal pages and artwork. Feeling the need to watch Pride & Prejudice again. ☺️ thank you for this stunner Marilou!

Carol on Mar 28, 2018, 5 out of 5 stars
 "Purchased M'Lady's" Hand Journal Set

I love every design I have purchased from Porch Swing Designs! The print out quality is excellent as well as the variety of images with each kit. I will be back again!!!

Dodi on Mar 24, 2018, 5 out of 5 stars    

 Purchased Victorian Rose Journal Kit

Deborah on Mar 19, 2018, 5 out of 5 stars    

Purchased Victorian Rose Journal Kit       
Very nice journaling set.


Gail on Feb 2, 2018, 5 out of 5 stars    

Purchased Graphic 45 Once Upon a Springtime Notepad with Cover ~ Peach

Gail on Feb 2, 2018, 5 out of 5 stars    

Purchased Graphic 45 Once Upon a Springtime Notepad with Cover ~ Green

Shelley on Jan 17, 2018, 5 out of 5 stars    

Purchased "Majestic Birds" Vintage Junk Journal:  Another beauty from Marilou😉thank you

Shelley on Dec 29, 2017, 5 out of 5 stars    

Purchased “A Winter’s Day” Vintage Journal:  Such a stunning journal. Marilou did such a beautiful job making this one😊

Cinda on Dec 8, 2017 5 out of 5 stars  

Purchased Vintage Beauty Traveler's Notebook Insert Style Journal:  
This journal is gorgeous and so well made! I love the shimmer she put on the cover and will definitely buy again from this seller!


Nicol on Nov 21, 2017, 5 out of 5 stars    

Purchased "In the Garden" Vintage Prayer Journal:  This was purchased as a gift. It arrived last week, but I had to wait until this week to write the review. It's so well made. It was nicely packaged too. Loved the music sheet inside with the lyrics. Perfect. I'll be on the lookout when you post more journals. Thank you!


 Jill on Oct 10, 2017, 4 out of 5 stars    

Purchased Romancing the Sea Vintage Journal:  This journal exceeded my expectations. It is simply beautiful. Thank you.


Shelley on Oct 2, 2017, 5 out of 5 stars    

Purchased "Spread Your Wings" Prayer Journal:   This journal is so beautiful. Marilou put so much time and effort into it and it really shows, the pages just shimmer. She is such a sweet seller and has excellent customer service. I will definitely be purchasing from her again😉


adrienne on Sep 30, 2017, 5 out of 5 stars    

Purchased G45 A Ladies Diary Keepsake Box & Mini Album
What a beautiful mini album! The paper and construction, just perfect. Included was a handmade keepsake box to match! As if this wasn't enough, the designer, Marilou is super sweet and considerate. This shop may be relatively new but the merchandise is definitely not the work of an amateur.

Gail on Jul 12, 2017, 5 out of 5 stars    

Purchased "Shabby Rose" Vintage Mini Journal

hmcid on Jun 22, 2017, 5 out of 5 stars    

Purchased “Go to the Lord in Prayer” Prayer Journal:  Although I fell in love when I saw the video, really it doesn't do this journal justice! So many wonderful touches of sparkle, shine, lace and fibers, beautiful scripture illustrations. It is stuffed with lots of amazing tags, tuck spots, booklets, and a packet of extra goodies including a beautiful handmade card. This will be such a wonderful treasure to use as a prayer journal. It came very quickly too and was well (and creatively) packaged. I'm so very pleased with this transaction.

Pamela on Apr 18, 2017, 5 out of 5 stars    

Purchased Graphic 45 Tales of you and me Steno pad cover:  Such great work, I am very happy with it

Pamela on Apr 18, 2017, 5 out of 5 stars    

Purchased a handmade card:  This is beautiful craftsmanship, I thoroughly LUV it


Sue on Apr 12, 2017, 5 out of 5 stars
Purchased "Letters to Rose" Vintage Junk Journal:

Marilou, the journal arrived today and I must tell you that I am overwhelmed. It is filled with unique ideas and awesome workmanship. Thank you so much for including the matching notecards. I plan to spend this evening going over it page by page. Thank you again, Sue


Carrie on Apr 10, 2017, 5 out of 5 stars    

Purchased Graphic 45 Tales of You & Me, Stenopad:  So cute. Very well done & sturdy. I like the fact that I can add a new paper tablet inside when the current one is used up. Love it.


Carrie on Apr 10, 2017, 5 out of 5 stars 
Purchased “Sail Away” Vintage Journal:  Excellent customer service. Prompt shipping. Superb workmanship. Great choice of colors, charms & ephemera. Very pleased.

2/17/2017:  From Kim who purchased my first Jane Austen Journal:  "Marilou, Oh my gosh!!! The Jane Austen Journal came in today and the photos do it no justice. It's absolutely beautiful. I have 3 young children I hope to pass it down to. My 5 year old shares my love of paper and crafts and wants to look through all the pages over and over with me :) Thank you for the little extras.  Thank you, Kim"  from Buffalo, NY